Dr. Froehlich Finanzrecht

FF FinanzRecht®

FF FinanzRecht® is a law firm providing legal advice, established according to the German Federal Code of Attorneys’ and located in Munich.

The law firm provides legal advice and counsel services on all areas of German Banking, Commercial and Insurance Law. Additionally we provide advice on regulations of the Federal Financial Services Authority of German banking, investment and insurance industry (“BaFin”). We specialise on advising national and international clients, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, their management as well as members of the board of management of corporations.

Our main focus is on advising management and decision makers, and we are especially qualified in supporting medium-sized family owned businesses. Small and medium-sized family businesses are considered the backbone of German economy and we support the work of the German Association of medium-sized Family owned Businesses (“Die Familienunternehmer / ASU e.V.”).

The size of the law firm is intended to provide individual advisory services to our clients who are looked after by a dedicated solicitor advocate. By keeping in touch via a direct personal contact in a timely fashion without the use of intermediaries, we can react to our clients’ needs immediately, thus achieving swift results. We aim to establish an ongoing relationship with our clients, far beyond the finalisation of a successful case.

Please note that the legal advice provided does not include the provision of counsel on services regulated by the SRA and the FSA for the United Kingdom, but we are happy to recommend one of our cooperating solicitors in England and Wales authorised to give legal advice on particular financial products regulated by the FSA for further assistance.