Dr. Froehlich Finanzrecht

Profile - FF FinanzRecht®

FF FinanzRecht® was established in 2010 to offer clients legal advice in financing and banking law based on experience gained from more than ten years of industry practice.

Solicitor of FF FinanzRecht® is a German solicitor advocate who gained the additional qualification as „Fachanwalt für Bank- und Kapitalmarktrecht“, a certificate for the specialisation in banking and capital markets law, acknowledged by the German Bar Association.

Contrary to a notary, who represents a public function, a solicitor is required to act independently observing the interests of his client. He is also required to act as a member of the administration of justice and judicature, which means he is obliged to serve truthfulness and justice. Compared to a notary, however, the solicitor pursues his client’s interests. In Germany a lawyer is eligible to present a client in lower courts (voluntarily) and in upper courts (mandatory), he is comparable to a solicitor advocate in the U.K. A solicitor thus owns almost the same rights as a U.K. barrister with the distinct exception that the highest federal courts (“Bundesgerichtshof”) require a separate authorisation and admission to plead for a client.

Unlike in large law firms the client of FF FinanzRecht is not introduced to a senior partner and then passed on to a junior associate. The solicitor the client is talking to, is a fully qualified and specialised professional working on the client’s case and therefore no mere mandate broker.

One experience from the financial crisis is the insight that those who are structuring a product are mostly those who understand its chances and risks. Similarily a solicitor who knows a product he dealt with in practice, also knows how to deal with its legal issues. Therefore in-depth knowledge can be applied to banking law and legal issues concerning marketing insurance law. Experience gained from working in the financial industry therefore proves to be valuable assets for those who are dealing with banking and insurance law.

The English language is not only the pre-requisite to understand the Anglo-American financial system in financial centers of London, New York and Singapore, but it is also essential to understand the differences in cultures and mentalities, and it is therefore an important requirement for a solicitor of FF FinanzRecht to provide additional services such as industry training seminars or to publish in high profile law journals in English.

The legal advice services enfold the following legal areas